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What-Mattress exists to help you compare bedding products. We are committed, above all else, to delivering clear, authoritative, unbiased guides and reviews for mattresses and related bedding products. We take our legal and moral duty to our visitors seriously. Here’s a bit more you should know about What-Mattress:

What-Mattress.com is a mattress reviews website. Our website compares leading brands, provides detailed reviews about the mattresses construction, warranty, return policy and more. We do not list all mattress brands out there, nor do we cover all aspects of brands we list. We do our best to keep the information accurate, but we can’t guarantee that it is. Mattress companies often change their product as well as their prices, warranty periods and more. The best way to get accurate information is to go to their respective official websites. We receive referral fees from the brands on the website. Fees may impact rankings, rating and reviews. What-Mattress includes advertising by Puffy LLC and Commerce Enterprises Portal LLC.

What-Mattress works with mattress companies in the following ways:

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The rankings and ratings featured on What-Mattress.com are determined by a number of objective factors, including but not limited to: consumer interest, user engagement, product features, product promotions and pricing, product feedback, and compensation paid to What-Mattress by the companies presented. Rankings and ratings may change from user to user, as they are personalized based on user behavior and intent. The information presented is updated regularly but may contain inaccuracies. What-Mattress.com is not responsible for inconsistencies or inaccuracies.

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Products that appear on What-Mattress are from companies from which What-Mattress receives compensation. This compensation might impact the placement of the brands on this page, and combined with the conversion rates might impact the scoring as well. We make the best effort to present up-to-date information; however, we do not compare or include all service providers in the market. What-Mattress includes advertising by Puffy LLC.
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