Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress Review

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Updated: June, 2024
brook + wilde The Lux Mattress Review

Mattress Type:



Soft, Medium, Firm


£599 – £999

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Brook + Wilde are a British company offering premium quality mattresses, bed frames, sofa beds, chairs and more with high-end design & engineering. The brand has been featured alongside the likes of Alexander McQueen, Aston Martin, Mulberry, Rolls-Royce, and other luxury British companies as one of the Great British Brands of 2021 according to Country & Town House.

As the entry-level mattress in Brook + Wilde’s line-up, The Lux Mattress comprises 6 luxurious layers of both foam & springs in order to provide deep comfort and zoned support. Where Brook + Wilde set themselves apart is in their ability to offer their mattresses in either soft, medium, or firm comfort levels – as they recognise choosing the perfect mattress is all about personal preference.

All of Brook + Wilde’s mattresses are hybrids in that they use both comfort foams & supportive springs in their construction, and this combination is widely believed to achieve the best equilibrium. In addition to The Lux Mattress, Brook + Wilde also offer The Elite and The Ultima.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Brook + Wilde mattresses come with a 100-night comfort trial and are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

This review takes a deep look at The Lux Mattress to see how it performs in key areas, whether this mattress is well suited for your particular needs, and what Brook + Wilde’s policies involve.

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Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress Breakdown

The Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress uses a combination of premium foam materials and 2 different layers of coils in order to deliver on luxurious comfort with ergonomic support. Including the cover, The Lux Mattress is crafted with 6 layers, and we explore each in the following section of this review.

Brook-Wilde Lux Mattress Layers

Layer 1

Brook + Wilde include the cover as a layer, which unfortunately cannot be removed for easy machine-washing. The sleeping surface of The Lux is a durable, breathable, soft and sumptuous material. The base has non-slip properties which will hold the mattress in place and handles are integrated into the side for easy handling.

Layer 2

The first comfort layer uses 5.5cm of breathable and cooling memory foam. It is made to mould to the sleeper’s body and eliminate motion transfer from a moving sleeping partner.

Layer 3

Beneath the memory foam layer lies 2,000 2cm mini springs, which are designed to conform with the sleeper’s movements and provide targeted pressure relief to extruding body points.

Layer 4

Sandwiched between the two coil layers is an additional layer of support foam. This 3.5cm transitional layer is wave-shaped and made with added density, which aids spinal alignment and offers supportive comfort to the shoulder area.

Layer 5

1,000 individually pocketed springs provide the sleeper with zoned support, so the pressure point areas are adapted to whilst the rest of the body is uplifted. These coils are full-sized (13.5cm) so they offer extra bounciness, meaning higher responsivity and ease of movement. The open nature of springs also allows for the free flow of air, which is key for cooling.

Layer 6

The 4.5cm support base layer is made from specialised support foam to provide structure and solidity to the mattress.

Mattress Type:



Soft, Medium, Firm


Cover Material:

Polyester blend

Comfort Layers:

Visco-elastic polyfoam (5.5cm)

Mini pocket springs (2cm)

High density ‘wave technology’ foam (3.5cm)

Full-size pocket springs (13.5cm)

Support Core:

Polyurethane foam support base (4.5cm)

Mattress Prices & Sizing

In terms of price, the Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress is surprisingly reasonable for the level of quality – coming in cheaper than the Simba Hybrid, but more expensive than the DreamCloud (which is also a hybrid). We’d categorize this mattress as an affordable luxury option & it is the most budget friendly model that the brand offers.

Delivery is free and with a minimum deposit of 10% the cost can be spread over 6, 9, or 12 months via their interest-free finance options. This means you could pay as little as £89.83 per month for a Single Lux Mattress.

Prices for each size are consistent regardless of what firmness option you select.





Super King

Dimension (cm) W x L x H

90 x 190 x 28

135 x 190 x 28

150 x 200 x 28

180 x 200 x 28






As for sizing, Brook + Wilde manufacture the Lux Mattress in the four most popular UK sizes. Only absent is the small-double.

Discounts & Deals

Instead of permanently offering a heavy discount on their mattresses like most online bed-in-a-box brands do, Brook + Wilde often offer extra gifts with your purchase. However, it’s not just bedding or other Brook + Wilde products being bundled in, but sometimes a 10.2” Apple iPad (worth £349). On other occasions, discounts of as much as 40% off can be had.

Brook + Wilde Logo

Mattress Performance

In order to deliver an objective verdict on how the Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress performs; we assess 6 key areas. Keep in mind that there are multiple factors that can influence the outcomes here, namely the firmness options that Brook + Wilde offer as well as the sleeper’s weight. For reference, we have chosen ‘medium’ as our test subject.

Motion Isolation


The natural springiness of coils mean that hybrid mattresses are not as effective as all-foam mattresses at subduing the transfer of motion from one side to another. Because the Brook + Wilde Lux houses a dual spring layer, we expected this mattress to struggle to proficiently isolate motion.

To address this concern, Brook + Wilde have individually pocketed the coils in both layers so that they are able to respond independently to sleeper movement without resonating the energy along. In addition, the memory foam directly beneath the cover is intended to suppress motion transfer on a surface level, while the memory foam deployed in layer 4 absorbs and dilutes energy from transferring between the 2 spring layers.

Pressure Relief


Immediate pressure relief is offered by the first real comfort layer, which is a memory foam designed to mould around the sleeper’s profile and ease the surface tension for those jolty body parts, such as the hips & shoulders. However, Brook + Wilde’s innovative ‘wave technology’ found in the fourth layer is where this mattress really exceeds at relieving pressure.

Catering specifically for the right levels of support and pressure distribution, the ‘wave’ foam layer targets 4 unique zones: zone 1 provides neck support to keep the head in line with the spine, zone 2 offers shoulder support by allowing softer sinkage for deep contour, zone 3 supports the natural curves of the body and gives dedicated lumbar support, and finally zone 4 supports the legs to keep the sleeper aligned from tip to toe.

Even more pressure relief comes from The Lux’s dual spring layers. Micro-coils are finer and therefore able flex intricately for a bespoke fit around the body. Additional zoned pressure relief comes from the second layer of coils, this time using full-sized springs that can compress around high-pressure areas whilst remaining resistant enough to keep the sleeper supported.

Brook-Wilde Lux Mattress Side

Temperature Control


Hybrid mattresses are typically able to regulate temperature more effectively than all-foam mattresses due to their hollowed core enabling air to pass through instead of being trapped by dense foams. Since the Brook + Wilde Lux uses not only one, but two spring layers, it is able to dissipate heat very proficiently as more air can ventilate.

The sleeping surface harbours cooling properties such as a highly breathable top cover and the memory foam just beneath uses an open-call form to facilitate airflow.

Edge Support


Having a supportive edge is an important factor to have in a mattress for a variety of reasons. Sleepers who tend to move from one sleeping position to another may work their way to the side of the bed throughout the night and are at risk of rolling off if the sidewalls of the mattress easily give-in. The same issue applies to those who sleep with a partner and therefore need to make maximum use of the sleep surface. A strong perimeter is also a nice perk for non-sleep related use, such using the mattress as a bench to sit on.

Tester of the Lux Mattress report that it has excellent edge support and at no point during their experience did they feel at risk of a rude awakening by the bedroom floor.

Ease of Movement


The sinking feeling of memory foam is negated by the dual use of coils in addition to higher density transitional foam layering in the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress. These materials work in conjunction together to provide enough sinkage for pressure relief whilst being responsive enough to keep the sleeper on top of the mattress, as opposed to within it.

The micro-coil layer prevents over-sinkage, or that quicksand effect commonly associated with memory foam, as it provides a springiness that keeps the sleeper from feeling stuck – but it also allows pressure to be relieved. The 2nd spring layer in particular provides the resistance needed to have a stable sleeping surface.



All beds that come in a box release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) once they have been opened from their vacuum seal, and this is called off-gassing. Whilst this chemical smell can be fairly strong, the VOCs are harmless, and the scent should disappear quickly after airing the mattress out in a well-ventilated room.

Sleeping Style & Body Weight

Brook + Wilde have differentiated themselves from other mattress companies by offering each of their mattress models in a choice of Soft, Medium, or Firm. This means you can pick out an option best suited for your sleeping style, body weight, and firmness preference.

Even more impressive is how Brook + Wilde go above & beyond to cater for those who are still undecided or have a sleep partner with different requirements. The ‘Duo Mattress’ is a customized mattress made to your unique specification, whereby one side is your preferred feel, and the other side is your partner’s. With this option, you don’t have to compromise as you both get your ideal mattress.

Side Sleepers

The Brook + Wilde Lux has a hybrid construction and, in a soft or medium feel, will suit side sleepers across most weight ranges. The cloud-like memory foam and microcoil layers are quick to react to pressure applied from a side-sleepers pressure point areas, allowing for supportive contouring. Wave technology is especially beneficial for side-sleepers, as the 4 pressure-relief zones outlined earlier provide dedicated and bespoke comfort & support.

Lighter weight side sleepers may prefer to opt for a soft option as this will allow them to sink deeper into the mattress in order to experience the benefits of zoned pressure relief from the wave foam layer. Heavier sleepers may prefer the medium option for adequate support and spinal alignment.

Back Sleepers

Those who sleep on their backs will need a mattress that provides lumbar support so that the hips don’t dip too far down and cause spinal misalignment. The Lux has properties to suit back sleepers in zone 3 of their wave foam layer in addition to the 2nd spring layer that uses full-size coils to provide suspension just where you need it.

Heavier individuals may want to avoid the soft option as they could sink too deeply, and lighter individuals might not get the pressure relief they need out of the firm option. However, back sleepers of all weight ranges may prefer the medium firmness option as it provides a decent balance of both comfort & support.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleepers who lay on their front need a mattress that will suspend their shoulders & hips in order to keep the spin in proper alignment. A soft mattress is therefore not recommended as this could allow for too much sinkage and cause lower back pain.

Lighter weight stomach sleepers should feel both comfortable & supported on a medium firmness Lux Mattress, whereas heavier body frames are advised to choose the firm option.

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Trial, Warranty, & Shipping Policies


As a bed-in-a-box company, Brook + Wilde sell their mattresses direct to consumers. This means that all purchases of their products are conducted online, via their website,


Brook + Wilde deliver their mattresses for free to all mainland UK locations. You can expect delivery of your Lux Mattress within 2 weeks from the time you place your order, though customers in Scotland may have a slightly longer lead time. Their delivery team will be in touch shortly after your order is placed to discuss delivery option.

On the day before delivery, you will receive an email or text message to advise of a time slot, and they will message again to confirm the slot the day of delivery. Once the courier has arrived at the delivery location, they will let you know that they have arrived and let you know what happens next.

Take note that if the delivery is missed, there will be a £30 charge for re-arranging a 2nd delivery attempt. Also, if you have purchased a bed alongside your mattress, please note that you may have to wait up to 12 weeks as beds are made-to-order, and the products will be delivered together.

Aditional Services

As part of Brook + Wilde’s commitment to zero landfill, they offer the option to responsibly dispose of your old mattress. To avail this eco-friendly & convenient service, simply add the service during the checkout process and when your new mattress is delivered, the same team will take away the old mattress for recycling.

Thanks to their partnership with Duologi, you are able to purchase a Brook + Wilde mattress using interest-free credit. This means you can spread the cost of your new acquisition over six or nine months without having to pay a penny more than if you bought the mattress upfront in its entirety. There is a handy finance calculator on the product page that clearly breaks down the monthly instalments for the mattress model of your choice.

Sleep Trial

As part of the 100-night comfort trial, should your mattress feel too soft or too firm for your liking, Brook + Wilde can swap it with another mattress of a different firmness for free – or refund you in full. Take note that the mattress you get in exchange may not be returned or exchanged again unless deemed faulty.

Brook + Wilde request that you try your new mattress for at least 30 nights to allow your body to get used to it. In order for the 100-night comfort trial to be valid, a mattress protector must have been used.


For a period of 10 years from the date of purchase, Brook + Wilde provide a guarantee covering the mattress core against faulty workmanship and materials. Should an inspection or photographic evidence reveal por workmanship or faulty materials that lead to excessive visible settlement (within certain tolerances found here), then Brook + Wilde will undertake to repair or replace at their discretion.

The guarantee does not cover normal ageing or wear & tear, changes in hardness of any componentry. It doesn’t cover light discoloration of the foams, or your dislike of the inherent smell of any components.


Brook + Wilde are committed to sustainable business practices and will plant 1 tree for every mattress sale. Their reforestation endeavour helps to clean water in Brazil, protect biodiversity in Indonesia, empower women in Rwanda, improve food security in Guatemala, and fight against forest fires across North America. This means that customers can be directly responsible for reducing the Earth’s carbon footprint.

In the pursuit of achieving a circular economy for their products, Brook + Wilde aim to work under a zero-landfill policy whereby none of their materials or products ever reach landfill. Gently used mattresses are donated to the British Heart Foundation, while old mattresses or a Brook + Wilde mattress that doesn’t quite suit, are stripped down into parts and recycled.

Packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable itself. Feathers and down used in the bedding range are ethically sourced & cruelty-free.

More information about Brook + Wilde’s sustainability practices can be read here.

A convenience of the Brook + Wilde mattress is that it never needs to be flipped or rotated. The layers of the mattress have been specifically ordered to maximise comfort & support, therefore place the white side upwards with the logo at your feet, and you’re good to go.

Brook + Wilde state that their mattresses can fit on any surface. However, they note slats on a bed frame need to be no less than 6cm minimum in width, and no more than 10cm apart.

The mattress should be opened and unrolled as soon as possible, Brook + Wilde request not to leave it stored in its box for more than 2 weeks after the date of arrival.

Once the mattress has been opened, it should start to expand immediately and be ready to be lied on within several hours, though it may take a few days to fully take shape.

Unlike on the Elite or Ultima models, unfortunately the cover of the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress cannot be unzipped for easy machine washing. Instead, the brand recommends that the best way to clean the mattress is to use a damp cloth for any spillages. They request that you do not use any detergents on the mattress.

It is always recommended to use a mattress protector, and you can pick one up from Brook + Wilde here.

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