Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Review

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Updated: July, 2024

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Firmness: Medium – 7.5 

Price Range: £978 – £1,249

Ideal for:

Be aware:

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Eve Sleep customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing a model perfectly suited to their unique needs. In addition to the Premium Hybrid Mattress that we’ll be reviewing today, Eve also offer 5 other options that cover a range of construction methods and price points.

This review takes a look at the most awarded model in Eve Sleep’s line-up, the Premium Hybrid. At a medium-firmness and using both foam & springs in its construction, this mattress should offer an ideal balance of comfort and support for most sleepers. However, as the name suggests, the mattress comes at a premium price point that may sway some potential buyers to consider their more affordable models instead.

Coming in at a thickness of 28 centimetres, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is packed with 5 layers that aim to deliver “an outrageously good sleep” by offering instant pressure relief, perfect temperature control, no motion transfer, cleanliness, and much more. The layers are appropriately adorned with high quality materials, such as silver in the top cover, graphite infusion in the foams, and over 1,500 full-size pocket springs. We take a closer look at each of the 5 layers in the next section.

The Premium Hybrid Mattress was designed and manufactured in the UK, comes with a 100-night trial, and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Breakdown

The construction of the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is very much as the name would suggest. Full-size coils are flanked by premium foams, with each layer serving a unique and important purpose in order to provide the best experience of support and comfort. We take a closer look at the benefits of each layer here.

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Layers


Eve’s Premium Hybrid mattress is topped with a luxuriously quilted cover featuring interwoven strands of silver to make it antibacterial and antimicrobial. The sleeping surface can be unzipped, and machine washed at 40°C for easy cleaning.

The base has a non-slip coating that keeps the mattress in its place.

Layer 1

The first 3cm foam layer deploys what Eve has called ‘floatfoam’. It is infused with graphite for active cooling and offers soft pressure-relief to the body’s extruding areas, like the hips & shoulders.

Layer 2

For additional comfort, next comes another memory foam layer to provide added light relief. This 2cm layer also has graphite infusion, which works to actively remove heat from the body.

Layer 3

A firmer foam is used here to provide support for spinal alignment. The 3cm layer also acts as a transition between the soft, conforming comfort foams seen in layers 1 & 2, and the supportive coils coming up in layer 5. The foam has an open-cell structure to facilitate airflow.

Layer 4

Encasing the springs are two foam layers that add protection and help transition the sleeper from comfort to support. Extra side reinforcement is used here, which prevents the user from feeling like they might roll off the side of the bed.

Layer 5

The core support system that Eve uses in the Premium Hybrid comes in the form of over 1,500 full-sized pocket springs. As well as being highly breathable, each 12cm coil is individually wrapped so that they can adapt to every movement independently, thereby preventing motion transfer.


Mattress Type



Medium – 7.5


Cover Material:

97% Polyester, 2% Elastane, 1% Silver

Oekotex certified

Comfort Layers:

Graphite infused, CertiPUR certified polyfoam

Support Core:

Over 1,500 individually pocketed 12cm springs

Mattress Prices & Sizing

As the most luxurious model in their inventory, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress comes with a price-tag to reflect the added quality features. This mattress is aimed at those less concerned about budget and more about comfort but with that said, it is still relatively affordable for a luxury option. Costs can be spread with financing options, and as you would expect, both delivery & returns are free of charge (for most areas).

As for sizing, this mattress is limited to just 3 of the larger options. If you are looking for single or small double then you will have to opt for another of Eve’s models, such as the Original or Original Hybrid.




Super King

Dimension (cm) W x L x H

135 x 190 x 28

150 x 200 x 28

180 x 200 x 28





Discounts & Deals

Unlike most online mattress brands, Eve Sleep don’t discount as heavily or frequently. Whilst they do host the occasional promotion, you won’t find such aggressive ‘always on’ discounting as you might from most other competitors.

We will do our best to keep up to date with Eve’s offer on the Premium Hybrid mattress, but you can always hit the ‘check price’ button to be taken to the most reliable source, Eve themselves.

Mattress Performance

Our 6-point measurement regime assesses how the mattress performs in the most important departments. The idea here is that we provide an objective performance verdict on how the majority of people will experience this mattress, however, please understand that your individual experience may differ.

Motion Isolation


While hybrid mattresses are better than innerspring mattresses at limiting the amount of motion that resonates from one side of the mattress to the other, they tend not to be as proficient as all-foam variants are. However, thanks to the Eve Premium Hybrid’s generous usage of foam on top of and around the spring core, it must be said that this mattress isolates motion pretty well.

The sleeper will rest on 4 layers of memory foam before being supported by the coils, and these provide the efficiency of an all-foam mattress when it comes to suppressing the transfer of movement. In addition, the springs are independently pocketed, meaning they are less influenced by the forces effecting other coils in the layer.

Pressure Relief


The two top layers and use of Eve’s proprietary ‘Floatfoam’ material provide the sleeper with immediate pressure relief and a feeling of weightless support. The foams are soft and therefore contour quickly around the profile of the sleeper’s body, giving plush cushioning around the pressure points.

Layer 3 in the Premium Hybrid is a slightly denser foam, meaning it provides the necessary resistance for proper spine alignment, but is still forgiving enough to conform around the body areas that dig into the mattress the most, such as the shoulders & hips.

With more than 1,500 springs in the support core, the weight of the sleeper is distributed across the surface and because they are able to respond to pressure independently, support and contouring is provided where you need it.

Temperature Control


Hybrid mattresses tend to be decent at regulating temperature as their hollowed structure permits the passage of air to circulate throughout. At 12 centimetres in height, the springs in the Eve Premium Hybrid provide a large void in which cooler air can flow through the core of the mattress and help flush out body heat from being trapped.

The top 2 layers of foam have been infused with graphite, which is a substance known for its innate cooling abilities as it can actively draw heat away from the body. In addition, foam layer 3 has an open-cell structure, allowing for increased airflow.

Eve allege that the memory foams they use are 30 times more breathable than traditional foams and testers praise the Premium Hybrid in this field.

Edge Support


Having a strong edge around the mattress has several important benefits, such as providing reassurance that the sleeper won’t fall out the side during the night. This is especially key for sleepers who tend to roll around and also for those who sleep with a partner and therefore need to make maximum use of the mattress’ surface area.

The perimeter of the Eve Hybrid Mattress is reinforced by the 4th layer of foam that encases the coils, however the verdict on performance here is split. Some testers report that you can sleep confidently right up to the sides and that there is enough support to sit on the edge, whereas other users find it lacking in this area and occasionally felt slippage towards the edge.

Ease of Movement


The natural springiness to hybrid mattresses provide the necessary pushback needed to move about freely on the surface without having to exert too much effort.

Whilst the level of bounce has been suppressed largely due to the thick foam layering, the Premium Hybrid is still a relatively firm mattress. Testers claim that there was no excessive sinkage beyond the initial comfort layers, so you avoid feeling as if you are sleeping within the mattress as opposed to on top of it.



Most mattresses that come in a box and contain memory foam will give off a strange chemically smell once the plastic vacuum seal has been opened. It’s caused by the release of Volatile Organic Compounds into the air which are produced during the manufacturing process. Fear not, these VOCs pose no threat to your health & safety, though they can be quite pungent to those of you who are sensitive to smell. The good news is that it disappears fairly swiftly if left to air out in a well-ventilated room.

Some reports online indicate that this Eve mattress emits quite a strong odour at first. Eve suggest letting the mattress aerate in a room with the windows open for as long as possible or even in short periods will help get rid of it. Another tip they offer is to run your vacuum cleaner over the surface, but they advise that you can wash the cover in a machine at 40°C if the smell still lingers after several days (doing so will not void the trial period).

Sleeping Style & Body Weight

Side Sleepers

Eve’s generous use of memory foam provides side sleepers with the cushioning needed to comfort the usual pressure point areas, namely the hips & shoulders. The coil support structure offers independent responsivity to pressure, meaning the springs can contour to the sleeper’s side profile and thereby provide both comfort to the pressure points as well as support for spinal alignment.

At a firmness slightly towards the higher end, average and heavier weight sleepers will take most comfort when laying on their side, as they are able to sink deep enough to feel the relieving yet supportive benefits. Lighter weight sleepers may find the firmness to be too resistant for their particular comfort.

Eve Sleep Side Sleepers

Back Sleepers

Full-sized springs in combination with the medium to high firmness rating give back sleepers the ideal level of uplift on the Premium Hybrid to keep the spine in alignment. Because of the firmness and the ability for the coils to provide zoned support where it is needed, sleepers should find that their hips are adequately held up when resting on their back, which is essential for proper alignment of the spine.

Back sleepers of all weight ranges should experience the ideal combination of comfort and support with the Eve Premium Hybrid.

Eve Sleep Back Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

Those who sleep on their front tend to require a firmer surface with resistance against sinkage of the torso, which can otherwise lead to lower back pain. Thus, stomach sleepers should feel adequate support due to the Eve Premium Hybrid’s firmer feel and individually adaptive coils. The sleeper will also be cushioned on their stomachs thanks to Eve’s pressure-relieving foam top layers.

Both comfort and support are offered to stomach sleepers of all weight ranges by the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress.

Eve Sleep Front Sleepers

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Trial, Warranty, & Shipping Policies


As a bed-in-a-box mattress company, Eve mainly sell their mattresses via their own website, EveSleep.co.uk. Since they don’t have their own showroom, they have partnered with retailers such as Next & Dunelm so that you can have a tangible experience with some of their models, though the Premium Hybrid wasn’t included at the time of checking. Therefore, if you wish to place an order for this mattress, head straight to Eve’s site and begin your trial period.


Eve try to offer free delivery on most orders, though some areas in the UK may be charged and notice of any such charge will be shown at checkout. A ‘get it by’ date will be shown at checkout, telling you when the order is due to be delivered and this will vary depending on where you live. An email will be sent to your inbox once the order has been sent to let you know it’s on the way, and delivery is usually the following day.

For an added £15 fee, you can choose your own delivery day, but again, some areas may be excluded from this.

More details about delivery can be read here.

Aditional Services

Eve are able to arrange the removal of your old mattress by the same team delivering your new one. Simply select ‘mattress removal’ at checkout in order to purchase this £40 service and your couriers will take away the same number of old mattresses as new ones they are delivering, for example: if you purchased 2 new Eve mattress, they will remove 2 old mattress. This service is not available for all UK areas, so if the option isn’t available at checkout, unfortunately it is not a possibility for you.

Through their partner, Duologi, Eve are able to offer 0% interest on financing packages, so that you can spread the cost of your new mattress over easy monthly instalments. Financing your Eve mattress is available on orders over £250 and you will need to pay at least a 10% deposit. The remaining order value will then be split over 12 monthly payments. The total amount you pay will be exactly the same if you have had paid all in one go, and you can still benefit from the home trial period all the same. Have a look at more information about the payment options here.

Sleep Trial

The best way to know if a mattress is right for you is to sleep on it – literally. Beginning on the day of delivery, Eve offer a 100-night risk-free trial of their mattresses, so you’ll have plenty of time to make a decision on whether it’s a keeper or not. 100 nights is one of the shorter trial periods we’ve seen compared to other brands, however it’s still more than enough time to know how you feel about it.

Eve recommend giving the new mattress at least 30 days for your body to adjust, but if you’re not happy then all you have to do is get in touch with their customer service who will arrange a free pick-up from your bedroom. A full refund will be given once the mattress is back in their warehouse, which should take roughly 15 days.

If you are interested to learn more about the trial, you can visit this page.


Eve provide a 10-year warranty on all of their mattresses. This covers performance issues, including any problems with materials or manufacture, as well as splits and cracks – providing you have used and handled the mattress properly.

Exclusions to the warranty include such things as: using a non-compatible base (e.g. where slats are greater than 75mm apart), comfort preference, abuse or damage causing burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage or stains – and more. We recommend reading about the warranty here to be fully informed.

If you have a valid warranty claim, Eve will either repair or replace your mattress with the same or comparable model – at no cost to you.


All foam materials that Eve use in the Premium Hybrid Mattress are CertiPUR certified, and the washable top cover is Oekotex certified. This means that they have been independently tested to ensure they contain no harmful chemicals. Raw materials are sourced from National Bed Federation members to make sure that they are of the highest quality.

The cardboard boxes used for delivery are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning they have been sourced from sustainably managed forests in the UK.

Eve refurbish or reuse all the used mattresses that are retuned to them. The second-hand mattresses are sent to partners & charities and the mattresses that can’t be rehomed are recycled.

The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress should not be flipped over due to its specially designed layering structure. It is advised, however, to rotate the mattress 180°C every 30 days for the first year – and then every 3 months after that. Doing this will help keep an evenly worn mattress and to help, Eve have stitched in handles on the underside.

Eve say that the mattresses can be used with all kinds of bed bases, but the way the mattress feels on top of each will differ. For example, bed frames with wooden slats and platform beds will provide more support to the mattress, whereas box springs may create a softer feel.

The brand recommends frames that allow the mattress to breath, such as a slatted base. If using a slatted base, Eve say that it is best to make sure that the gaps don’t exceed 7.5cm, and that the slats are evenly spaced & rigid.

They do not advise using an Eve mattress on an adjustable bed.

First things first, remove the mattress from the box within 6 weeks of receiving it. Failure to do so may cause undue damage to the mattress, which will not be covered by the warranty.

After you have unboxed the mattress, simply place it in the desired location, cut open the vacuum seal, remove the plastic and watch it take shape. Eve say that it usually takes 4 to 6 hours before reaching full height and that you can sleep on it straight away – though they recommend letting it breath for 72 hours if possible.

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