Nectar Mattress Review

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Updated: July, 2024

Mattress Type: All-Foam

Firmness: Medium – 6.5

Price Range: £549 – £899

Ideal for:

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Following their huge success in the US market, Nectar recently entered the UK with their flagship all-foam mattress as the sole offering (for now). The Nectar Mattress is rated 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it a medium-firm feeling mattress suitable for most body weights. Although Nectar only offers all-foam mattresses, sleepers who prefer a hybrid option can turn to their sibling company, DreamCloud – which offers an affordable luxury hybrid-only mattress.

Despite not being a British company, Nectar still manufacture their mattresses right here in the UK. Their 25cm thick Memory Foam mattress is comprised of 3 layers of premium foams designed to hug your body and keep you cool in order to deliver optimum levels of comfort whilst providing excellent body support & spinal alignment. To achieve this, Nectar have deployed a series of construction methods and utilised special materials within their foams. As a fantastic bonus, the foams Nectar use are CertiPUR certified, meaning they meet strict environmental and health & safety standards. We explore some more great benefits of Nectar’s sustainable practices later on.

Incredibly, Nectar offer an unrivalled 365-night home trial (which is nearly twice as long as close rivals) so you can test the mattress throughout every season of the year and see how it holds up over time. On top of this, Nectar also back their mattresses with a forever warranty!

This review takes a deep look into the performance of the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress as well as the company’s policies to examine whether it’s too good to be true.

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Construction Breakdown

Nectar state that this all-foam mattress is made up of 5 layers, however they count both the top cover and the base material in addition to the 3 layers of foam whereas others may just call it a 3-layer foam construction. Regardless, each of the ‘5’ layers harbour unique properties that contribute towards comfort &/or support – and we break them down in this section.


The sleep surface is a quilted polyester cooling cover designed to draw heat away from the body and circulate fresh air with every body movement. Whilst it can be unzipped, it cannot be machine-washed so you will have to spot-clean with a damp cloth instead.

On the underside, the polypropylene base material grips to the bed frame so that the mattress can be kept in place.

Layer 1

A 4cm dynamic support layer using breathable memory foam enhances air flow, regulates body temperature, and provides support. The foam has been gel-infused in order to enhance the cooling performance.

Layer 2

5-centimeters of pressure relieving memory foam provides support to the body’s pressure-points, such as the shoulder & hip areas. This layer also acts as a transition between the softer comfort foam and the higher density support base. The foam has an open-cell structure to promote the extraction of hot air.

Layer 3

The 16cm high-density base foam has 7 different zones to provide optimum comfort and support. The zones offer additional pressure relieving qualities for the shoulder & hip areas, whilst also maintaining a neutral back posture for ideal spinal alignment.

Nectar Mattress

Mattress Type



Medium – 6.5


Cover Material:

Polyester top + polypropylene base

Comfort Layers:

CertiPUR open-cell viscoelastic polyfoam

Support Core:

7-zone polyfoam support base

Prices & Sizing

As for cost, Nectar have priced this mattress competitively among other all-foam mattresses on the market today, so you can expect to pay towards the cheaper end. This makes for a great choice for those looking for an affordable all-foam mattress without sacrificing quality. Delivery and returns are both free of charge, and the upfront cost can be broken down into even easier to manage monthly instalments thanks to their financing partner, SplitIt.



Small Double



Super King

Dimension (cm) W x L x H

90 x 190 x 25

120 x 190 x 25

135 x 190 x 25

150 x 200 x 25

180 x 200 x 25







Discounts & Deals

Nectar offer frequent discounts on their products but are particularly well known for their ‘bundle’ promotions, which package a bunch of accessory items into the mattress order for free. This is a great way to overhaul your bedding with all new (& matching) product. As prices aren’t fixed, the best place to check is with Nectar themselves by clicking ‘check price’ below.


Mattress Performance

To deliver an assessment on such a subjective thing as comfort is always going to be difficult. We have taken an objective approach to measuring how the mattress performs in the following key areas, but keep in mind that your experience may differ.

Nectar Edge Support

Motion Isolation


As expected from an all-foam mattress type, the Nectar Mattress is excellent at isolating motion. The foam layers absorb the movements made from a sleep partner rolling over or getting into / out of the bed, thereby reducing the energy that transfers across the surface.

Strong performance in this field means that those sharing a bed with another sleeper should feel minimum disturbance from their movement.

Pressure Relief


Nectar’s memory foam conforms to provide comfortable sinkage of the hip & shoulder areas, whilst supporting the spine for ideal alignment. The transition & support layers work together to offer a flat surface that distributes weight evenly across the sleep area, so the sleeper can feel comfortable yet supported in all sleeping positions.

Temperature Control


All-foam mattresses typically score poorly in the temperature control department as body heat is less able to escape, and cool air cannot as easily circulate. Heavier individuals may find the problem to be worse as they sink further into the foams and can quickly feel suffocated.

This mattress from Nectar deserves credit in its ability to deal with hot air compared to some of its rivals. The sleeping surface uses a breathable material and cooling gel is infused into the first foam layer, which is intended to draw heat away from the body. The transitional foam layer has an open-cell structure to enable air to ventilate more freely throughout the mattress.

Edge Support


A supportive edge allows the mattress owner to use more surface area throughout the night, thereby maximising the usable space without the risk of falling off the side. This feature is particularly beneficial to combo-sleepers who tend to move about more frequently, as well as couples who want more space.

The medium-firm feel of the Nectar mattress results in a more supportive perimeter compared to softer all-foam models, and this is another area where Nectar outperform the competition.

Ease of Movement


Where the Nectar Mattress excels at isolating motion and relieving pressure, it lacks in allowing easy movement. Slow responding memory foam makes it difficult to change positions without submerging further, a sensation commonly referred to as a ‘quicksand’ effect.

Lighter weight sleepers should have a fairly easy time moving on the mattress, whereas those on the heavier side could struggle a bit.



Mattresses containing foam usually emit an odour upon their unpackaging that can be fairly strong and off-putting. The smell is caused by the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are produced as part of the manufacturing process. While the scent can be quite unpleasant, be assured that these VOCs are considered harmless to your wellbeing.

Testers report that the off-gassing from the Nectar Mattress is relatively minimal, and it completely goes away after a couple days of airing.

Sleeping Style & Body Weight

Side Sleepers

Those who sleep on their sides will benefit from Nectar’s medium-firm all-foam construction as it offers even contouring that supports spinal alignment whilst cushioning the shoulders and hips.

Sleepers of all weight ranges should feel comfortable and supported when on their side, but it will especially suit those heavy enough to sink into the pressure-relieving middle foam layer. Lighter weight side sleepers might find the mattress slightly too firm for their liking.

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back promotes natural alignment for the spine so there is less requirement for soft contouring. Thus, the medium-firmness of the Nectar Mattress in combination with its transitional and support layers makes for a suitable choice for average weight back sleepers.

Back sleepers on the heavier side may require more reinforcement than the Nectar can provide and could sink in too deeply as a result. Insufficient support around the torso and hips could lead to aches & pains so sleepers in this category should seek a firmer mattress or opt for a hybrid.

Stomach Sleepers

In a similar way to back sleepers, the medium-firmness of the Nectar mattress should accommodate light and average weight stomach sleepers because they require less contouring and more support around the torso. The transition and base layers do a sufficient enough job of resisting against excessive sinkage.

Heavy weight stomach sleepers are at risk of sinking in too deep and may be better served by a firmer or hybrid mattress that can provide the support required for a comfortable and healthy sleep.

Awards & Accolades

What-Mattress 2021

Top Pick


Availability, Shipping, Trial & Warranty


At the moment, Nectar are selling their mattresses exclusively through their online store, You may find the products listed on other online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, but be vigilant that these products won’t be covered by the returns or warranty policies.


Nectar offer free delivery to all mainland UK locations via their mattress shipping partner, BJS Home Delivery. Upon checkout, you will be presented with a calendar showcasing the next available delivery dates and will receive an email the evening before delivery with your tracking ID and 3-hour time slot.

At an additional cost of £20, the courier partner will offer a premium delivery service to your room of choice. This involves 2 couriers who will bring it in and place it in your nominated room. The option must be added to your basket on the ‘shipping methods’ checkout page.

Aditional Services

Nectar are able to remove your existing mattress for an additional £40 fee, which can be selected during the checkout process. This is conducted by a separate team to those who are delivering your new Nectar mattress and it is recommended to arrange collection for the day after your new mattress arrives. Booking your old mattress removal can be done using the link you will receive via email or through the customer services team. The old mattress is then sent for recycling, so it is not possible to retrieve it once it goes.

Financing is available to those who want to spread the cost of their new mattress over a period of a few months. SplitIt enables you to pay off your Nectar purchase in affordable instalments by requesting authorisation from your credit card company and reserving the total purchase amount from your available line of credit.

Sleep Trial

Nectar offer a staggering 365-night long trial on their mattress, which is the longest in the industry. This gives you an entire year to test the mattress out thoroughly through all manner of conditions and circumstances. You will be able to see how the mattress performs from season to season, during late working nights, early morning rises, when you’re feeling achy and exhausted, when your partner is tossing & turning or when your kids can’t sleep.

If you decide for whatever reason that the Nectar mattress isn’t for you, simply give them a ring or email and they’ll arrange a quick & painless removal and provide a 100% refund.

You can read more on their home trial here.


The Nectar Mattress is backed by their ‘forever warranty’. This means that they guarantee the construction, materials, quality, and durability if you are the original purchaser – for as long as you own it.

For the first 10 years of ownership, Nectar will replace the mattress with a brand new one at absolutely no charge if it was defective in workmanship or materials. After that point, they will completely repair and re-cover the Nectar or replace it entirely, waiving all transportations costs if a manufacturing defect or materials failure is confirmed to exist.

The warranty covers such things as: deterioration causing visible indentation greater than 4cm (so long as it doesn’t result from the use of an improper or unsupportive bed foundation), any physical flaw that causes the foam to evidence degradation, split or crack, and manufacturing defects in the assembly of the mattress cover.

What isn’t covered: any mattress or mattress cover that has been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or used in violation of instructions (including to place the mattress on a proper bed frame), normal increase in softness of the foam which doesn’t affect the pressure-relieving qualities, comfort preference, defects cased by physical abuse or damage to the structure &/or cover materials (including things like burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage, or stains), mattress or covers that are not “new” – ie. Have been previously purchased or used by another consumer.

We encourage you to read more about Nectar’s warranty here.


Nectar’s commitment to sustainability must be credited as they seem to stand out in this area over and above the competition. From the materials they use to the lifetime warranty and the partners they work with, Nectar aim to minimise their impact on the planet as much as possible and have made 3 sustainability pledges:

  1. Climate Neutral Manufacturing is achieved by working with leading green solutions organisation, ClimatePartner. Through this partnership, Nectar are able to calculate the carbon footprint from their manufacturing process, find strategies to reduce this, and offset the remainder. The result is a fully carbon neutral product delivered to your door.

To date, Nectar have offset over 3.8 million kilograms of CO2 by supporting the Forest Protection project in Santa Maria, Brazil.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Materials such as CertiPUR certified foams are used to make the Nectar mattress, meaning they are free from heavy metals, harmful dyes or ozone depleters. FSC approved packaging means they only use forest products from well-managed forests and/or verified recycled sources.
  2. Recycle & Reuse is how Nectar avoids needless disposal. They give their old and returned mattresses a new lease of life by donating them to the British Heart Foundation. Nectar also help responsibly dispose of your old mattress by partnering with AnyJunk as they use licensed recycling facilities to ensure 96% of the items they collect are diverted from landfill.
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